Quick-fix Instant Blinds are high quality, low cost vinyl blinds. They are exceptionally easy to fit. The only item required is a pair of sharp scissors! No fussy clips, no paper that tears, this durable vinyl blind operates just like a traditional venetian blind. So whether you’ve just moved house, are decorating or awaiting a more permanent window covering, quick-fix blinds are the perfect solution.


Why Quick-fix Instant Blinds?

Instant FitsmallSissors

Simply cut the blind to the width size you require . Peel away the adhesive strip and stick blind directly onto glass on windows or doors - no tools required (only a pair of scissors). Available in two sizes, all our blinds are made from darkening blinds to aid light reduction.

Clip Operationpullchord

Our instant blinds are raised and lowered easily and locked in position with heavy duty clips. Our unique vinyl material makes raising and lowering a smooth & quick process when compared to other instant blinds which struggle to keep their shape over time.

Quality Assuredquality

Quickfix blinds are made from a hardwearing vinyl material thus making them much more durable than similar paper products available on the Market. These blinds can serve as a temporary or permanent window covering.

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